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What is TT Matel Laminated Film?
IFFA SPF technology is made up by special co extrusive polyester film, it is also named Pre-paint Aluminum Printing Film and specific formulated paint from CCH. The process can integrated coating and lamination. TT film is possessed of good adhesiveness, the flexibility, and has the outstanding anti-UV, anti-chemical, anti-scratch, dirt-proof and water-proof characteristics. The film material is green, no-toxic, and no halogen even can be used for food containers, with the extreme possibility to replace PVC or PVDF.
What process of Aluminum composite panel need?
The finishing process of IFFA Aluminum Composited Printing Film by a synthetic equipment integrates pre-treatment, coating, baking, lamination, protection and cutting in one time decoration and production for steel panels or Aluminum Composited Panels
What equipment dose the process of TT metal laminated need?
The finishing process of IFFA TT film by a synthetic equipment integrates pre-treatment, coating, baking, lamination, protection and cutting in one time decoration and production for steel panels or aluminum-plastic panels.
Aluminum composited panel is composite material?
Yes, it is made ​​of multi-color printing film laminated on aluminum sheet . Aluminum composite panel is composed of multi-color polyester film+0.2mm aluminum sheet +3mm PE thermoplastic core+0.2mm aluminum sheet .
What composite material does ACP board have?
1.PE thermoplastic core
2.Fireproof PE thermoplastic core
3.PU foam
4.Gypsum board 5 Silicone
Does ACP BOARD apply for outdoor application ?
Yes, it could , the IFFA outdoor Heat Transfer Releasing Printing Film pass the QUV test with 6000 hours , to work with material 0.5mm thickness aluminum sheet by high temperature and pressure. lighter material also simple to install, not only advantage of it , but also use KYNAR-500 FEVE with clear coat outstanding weather resistance. Size: 4*1220*2440m, 1250*2440, 1530*2440, 1550*2440mm.
The IFFA Aluminum Composite Panel Film can only apply on aluminum panel?
No, IFFA Aluminum Composite Printing Film not only can apply on Aluminum Panel, but also apply on following steel plate.
1. Electric Galvanized(EG)
2. Hot Galvanized(GI)
3. Galvanized Alloy(GA)
4. Stainless Steel
5. Tinplate
Among those material , the best Perform is Hot Galvanized Coils / Sheet 
Should it use glue to Laminate Aluminum Composite Panel and steel plate?
No, this is one of advantages of CCH ACP Board Film. Normal printing film need to use glue to laminate on any kind of Metal material  but CCH doesn't need to use Glue . Because of this advantage benefits ,it could reduce loss on processing cost.
Does Aluminum Composite Panel must do primer coating?
Not necessarily need to do primer coating, the process as following: Aluminum panel+wash(film processing)+Aluminum Composite Panel Film . Disadvantage is the printing film color is easy to affect by the color of aluminum base and change the color original.
The laminated temperature and pressure are regulation ?
No, the Film laminate temperature depends on different material's PMT(Peak Metal Temperature), the laminate temperature is control by PMT of base coating temperature , however different thickness Metal material fits different temperature, not only the thickness of Metal material but also the film laminated speed will be affected the result . The parameter as following:
#0.2mm thickness aluminum material , PMT 170~173℃, OVEN SET 190~200℃, laminate speed 2m/min
#0.4~0.5mm thickness galvanized steel material , PMT 170~190
, OVEN SET 190~220℃, laminated speed 20~30m/min
Laminated pressure is different between aluminum and Steel , but it all  within the presure around 5kg/c㎡. the  Laminated angle and tension are comtrol  by different coating device.
Is TT laminated film environmental material?
Yes, please see the following list about the difference between IFFA Aliminum Composite Panel Printing Film and other material :
PVC Film No solvent resistance
Poor chemical resistance
Chlorine compounds
Non-environmentally materials 
Need to be coated with gum 
PET +PVC Film Non-environmentally materials,
Need to be coated with gum 
Co-extruded PET Film High-gloss
Solvent resistance
Chemical resistance
Environmentally materials
Is it needs chromate treatment for every metal material before Laminated or transfer printing?
Yes, by now most of Metal material require Chromate Treatment , most of chromate treatment are eco-friendly environment material , decontamination and degreasing to prevent rusty, also the better adhesion.
What is the difference between the processes of TT laminated film and heat releasing film?
Heat Releasing Transfer Printing Film is printing the design on PET film transfer on aluminum materials coils by high temperature and pressure. After transfer printing, require the device which is collecting the blank film away , coating top coat material with FEVE (KYNAR-500) that could show outstanding weather-resistant, anti-discolors or chalking, customers could choose the standard surface gloss. After baking and cooling down  plastic elastomer extrusion(PE)combinationcutting.
The difference from laminated printing film (indoor application) is Heat Release Printing Film need take the PET blank film away and coating top coat material to protect patterns. But it require baking again before coating the top coat material FEVE
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