• Pre-paint aluminum
    • heat transfer and thermoform
    • heat vacuum transfer printing
    • thermoform transfer
    For the same purpose of decoration of constructions, IFFA Pre-paint Galvanized Printing film is another innovative technology invented by CCH. Different from IFFA Thermoform Transfer Printing and IFFA Aluminum composite printing film ,IFFA Heat Release Transfer
    Printing is designed mainly for Outdoor building material. This  
    superior technology makes finished products Pre-paint aluminum coils  
    not only anti-UV but also weather-resistant. In addition to the divine 
    quality, its exclusive ink creates the sharpest printing effect on Pre-paint 
    Galvanized coils too and its heat-rolling process brings outstanding 
    efficiency in the mass production.

        Advantages and Strength of Pre-painted Aluminum Coils  
      ●Light material   ●Excellent heat insulation
      ●Good performance in flatness   ●Great for processing
      ●Easy to clean and maintain   ●Soundproof
      ●Anti-mildew and non-toxic   ●Durable
      ●Numerous patterns lead brilliant    ●Great weathering-resistance helps 
        visual effect.      less fading on
    Due to demand of building material, natural resources like wood and stone, have become scarce under exploitation. Therefore, we keep looking for alternatives of building material to save the environment. IFFA Thermoform Transfer Printing is oneof the solutions. By transfer 
    printing wood grains or stone grains on metal, we make building material 
    Heat Vacuum transfer printing more durable than ever but still aesthetic. 
    What’s more important is that we do not need to waste the limited natural 
    resources in this process. Besides all the material used in this process is 
    also recyclable. Contrast to traditional Heat Transfer Printing relying on 
    printed paper
     IFFA Thermoform Transfer Printing performs much better by printed film  
    in vacuum condition which leads great resolution and excellent visual  
    effect,especially on curved-surface material such as aluminum frames or 
    Aluminum Profiles