• transfer printing film
    • Pre-painted galvanized Steel
    • Aluminum Composite Panel
    • Heat Transfer Printing

    Can you image how printing technology could reach the ultimate vivid reality of visual effect?
    This prepainted Aluminum plate / sheet has printed the bio camouflage pattern by IFFA Heat Transfer Printing Release Film.

    IFFA Heat Transfer Printing Release Film Technology for outdoor building material, such as Cold Rolled Steel Coil, Prepainted Aluminum Coil, Prepainted Steel , Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) for outdoor, and Oiled Steel Coil, Prepainted Galvanized Sheet / Coil and Stainless Steel Coil.
    This superior technology makes finished products not only Anti-UV but also Weather Resistant. Its exclusive ink creates the sharpest printing effect and its making process brings outstanding efficiency in mass production.
    Wood Grain Aluminum
    Due to demand of architectural decoration, natural resources like wood effect and stones effect have become scarce under exploitation. Therefore, we keep looking for alternative eco-friendly building material to save the environment.
    IFFA Wood Grain Sublimation Transfer Printing Technology can print wood grain (stone grain) on powder coating aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum composite panel (ACP) or stainless material by Sublimation Transfer Printing Machine. It forms beautiful natural wood (stone) grain on material and more durable.
    We do not have to waste the limited natural resources in the process and all the material used is recyclable.